Myself and Suzy source the finest produce we have available to us and we use local produce when possible. Fresh outstanding ingredients are so important to producing the finest food and we pride ourselves in this. 


The Fine Food Company is an established speciality fine food wholesale supplier to the catering industry, based in Somerset.  Our produce is sourced fresh, and handpicked direct from speciality food markets and manufacturers.


Kingfisher Brixham provide the freshest fish and seafood from local sources and around the world, ensuring the shortest supply chains and therefore the freshest fish.


Andrew Barclays  Wincanton, Somerset 

Andrew, Craig and Chris are our local butchers who provide us with the best local meat. I started using Andrew when I was 16 and I have never looked back, the produce is outstanding and is our preferred butcher.

              Impeccable quality and outstanding service

              Impeccable quality and outstanding service

Walter Rose & Son is a multiple award-winning retail and catering butcher. Whilst we are a dynamic and thoroughly modern butcher, we never forget the cornerstones that the business was founded on – master butchery skills, authenticity, hand-made products, great personal service and attention to detail.